Too often today, we leave the mentally ill to the mentally ill in secluded institutions with some psychological support that may not be what they wish they could receive. For instance, we often fail to help them bridge the distance the disease has created between them and their community or family.

This newsletter's purpose is to help reaffirm the view that those suffering a mental illness are human beings with deep feelings who need understanding, support and love, and they have needs they are sometimes unable to express because they think they have to defer to others with saner minds.

We encourage you to forward this newsletter to those you think may benefit from it. We hope many will subscribe and be willing to send us your feedback and experiences.

The contributors to this newsletter have been Kundalini Yoga practitioners and teachers for many years. Hari Simran Kaur's interest in this newsletter came from her experience with and recovery from mental illness bringing her face to face with the current treatment of the mentally ill. Awtar Singh's interest comes from having completed a master's degree in mental health counseling and his desire to promote compassion as key to any healing and therapy, especially toward those who suffer the most in our society..

Hari Simran Kaur Khalsa and Luc (Awtar Singh) Watelet